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About Us

Here you will find the history of our company. But what is not in the commercial register is what we do and how:

We have always been a medium-sized family business and burn for vehicle lighting, in other words, we always have light in mind

The auto wear part has always been the focus of our work. We now see ourselves as specialists in vehicle light sources. Our program includes more than 1,500 vehicle lamps in 6, 12 and 24 volts and numerous special voltages.

In addition to this core range, we also distribute (LED) worklights, LED hand lamps, connectors, fuses, hose clamps and more. Our total storage area is approximately 1,400 m² at two locations, the majority of the space is a high-bay warehouse with a storage height of over ten meters.

Our customer base of currently about 2,000 customers initially consisted of pure car part specialist retailers, wholesalers and retailers. We are still exclusively active in the B2B sector.

At the beginning of the millennium, we organized our sales in the form of a call center. At that time, the term was still very modern, but it quickly got a bad taste because the growing call center industry producing many negative headlines. Therefore, we later replaced this term with "customer care by phone". We put emphasis on the qualified support and advice of our customers. Rip off and hang up never was our style. The colleagues in the sales department are our employees and work here on our site. That makes communication easy, both with our customers and internally. There is actually nothing that cannot be resolved very quickly.

Many of our employees have been working for us for more than twenty five years.

Here is our development along the timeline:


Our company was founded almost 50 years ago as a sole proprietorship H. LEIMANN

The car wear part has always been the focus of our work, our first product was disc brake pads - this program grew to a line with over 800 different types.

Initially, we were sole importers for INTERMOTOR (ignition contacts and coils), FISTER (wipe blades), RING (car bulbs) and WOODHEAD (shock absorbers).


Five years later, LEIMANN-IMPORT GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG took over the business.

At the time, our program consisted of LIGID (disc brake pads, mounting kits for brake pads/shoes, supplemented by warning contacts), TOP-LAMP (car bulbs, fog and spot lights, fuses, cables and connectors for car electronics) and TOP-CLEAN (wiper blades).


The Top-Lamp-Autolampen Vertriebsgesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung was entered in the commercial register (Recklinghausen AG, HR B 1349). The managing directors were Wolfgang Leimann and Jan C. van Spronsen.

Both partners operated two similarly structured trading companies for automotive parts, LEIMANN GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG (Recklinghausen, Germany) and AUTO HOLLAND B. V. (Wateringen, The Netherlands).

With the establishment of the Top-Lamp-Autolampen Vertriebsgesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, the latter became the purchasing organization for vehicle light sources of the two legally independent national companies.


We changed our company name to LEIMANN GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG to underline that the import quota had become less important to us. At the time, we kept this name registered in the commercial register with the supplement FAHRZEUG-ELEMENTE (vehicle elements), because this corresponded to our self-image as a specialist for car parts, i.e. LEIMANN GmbH & Co Vertriebs KG FAHRZEUG-ELEMENTE.


LEIMANN GmbH, the former general partner of the GmbH & Co KG, took over the business. The name changed to LEIMANN GmbH FAHRZEUG-ELEMENTE


Our name was simplified to TOP-LAMP-Autolampen Vertriebs GmbH.


Managing Director Jan C. van Spronsen leaves TOP-LAMP.


Increase of the share capital to DEM 1,250,000 and Michael Leimann is appointed managing director.


The company name was simplified again to TOP LAMP GmbH


Merger of LEIMANN GmbH with TOP-LAMP GmbH and increase in share capital to EUR 639,700.